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Welcome To The Home Of Worldclass Mahogany Aircraft Models
We specialize in the production of fine, handcrafted models of all types of aircraft, from vintage warbids to modern civilian jets and light aviation.  Each model is hand carved, handpainted, and expertly packed to arrive in perfect condition, wherever you want it shipped.
We are able to supply quality aircraft models from all walks of aviation,  From World War I open cockpit biplanes to modern stealth aircraft as used today and in the near future,  We have many civilian aircraft from airliners to private, general aviation airplanes.  We can put the Wright Flyer or a NASA Space Shuttle right on your desk.  We can even craft a model of your aircraft with your paint scheme and tail number!
To order just call or email us with the item number of the model you are interested in.  The item number and price can be found by placing the mouse over the model you are interested in.
All our models are hand carved by master craftsmen.
The Aviator, Inc * 200 Aviation Drive North * Suite 5 * Naples Airport * Naples * FL 34104 * USA