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T-6 Texan, Air Force
AT06AY   $149.95
T-6 / SNJ, Navy
AT06NY   $149.95
T-28 Trojan, Navy
AT28N   $149.95
T-34 Mentor, Air Force
AT34A   $149.95
T-34 Mentor, Navy
AT34N   $149.95
F2H Banshee
CF002   $149.95
F4D Skyray
CF004SD   $139.95
F-9F Cougar, Navy
CF009MC   $149.95
F-9F Panther, Marines
CF009MP   $149.95
F-9F Cougar, Navy
CF009NC   $149.95
F-80 Shooting Star
CF080   $149.95
F-84F Thunderstreak
CF084F   $149.95
F-84G Thunderjet
CF084G   $149.95
F-86 Sabre
CF086   $149.95
F-86 Sabre w/Tanks
CF086T   $159.95
F-89D Scorpion
CF089   $149.95
T-33 Shooting Star
CT33A   $149.95
Air Force
T2V Sea Star, Navy
CT33N   $149.95
Hawker Sea Fury
FBHS   $149.95
MIG-15 Fagot
FRM15   $159.95

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