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Our range of Cold War models...
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B-36 Peacemaker
AB36   $169.95
C-54 Skymaster
AC054   $159.95
C-130 Hercules
AC130   $149.95
EC-121 Warning Star
AEC121A   $159.95
EC-121 Warning Star
AEC121N   $159.95
US Navy
F-7F Tigercat, Marines
AF7FM   $129.95
F-7F Tigercat, Navy
AF7FN   $129.95
F-8F Bearcat
AF8   $139.95
Eddie Rickenbacker
HU-16 Albatross
AHU16C   $139.95
HU-16 Albatross, Navy
AHU16N   $139.95
KC-97 Stratofreighter
AK97   $159.95
P2V-5 Neptune
AP02V5   $159.95
P2V-7 Neptune
AP02V7   $159.95
P-3 Orion
AP03   $139.95
P5M Marlin
AP05M   $169.95
S2F Tracker
AS2   $149.95
T-28 Trojan, Navy
AT28N   $149.95
T-34 Mentor
AT34A   $149.95
Air Force
T-34 Mentor, Navy
AT34N   $149.95
B-47 Stratojet
CB47   $159.95
YB-49 Flying Wing
CB49   $139.95
B-52 Stratofortress
CB52   $159.95
B-57 Canberra
CB57   $139.95
B-58 Hustler
CB58   $149.95
F-89D Scorpion
CF089   $149.95
F-94 Starfire
CF094   $129.95
F-102 Delta Dagger
CF102   $149.95
F-104 Starfighter
CF104   $149.95
F-106 Delta Dart
CF106   $149.95
U-2 Spyplane
CU2   $139.95
XB70 Valkyrie
CXB70   $169.95
MIG-21 Fishbed
FRM21   $159.95

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