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Our range of Classic Aircraft models...
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F-3F Grumman Bi-plane
AF3F   $169.95
Boeing F-4B Bi-plane
AF4B   $169.95
JN-4 Jenny
AJN4   $189.95
JRF Goose
AJR1   $149.95
Boeing P-12 USAAC
AP12   $169.95
PT-17 Stearman, USAAC
APT17   $169.95
N2S Stearman, Navy
APT17N   $169.95
Boeing 314
KB314   $169.95
Dixie Clipper
Douglas DC-3
KDC3A   $149.95
Douglas DC-3
KDC3U   $149.95
United Airlines
Ford Trimotor
KF3   $169.95
Gee-Bee Super Sportster
KGB   $149.95
Hughes' Spruce Goose
KHSG   $169.95
Lockheed Constellation
KLCE   $149.95
Eastern Airlines
Lockheed Super G
KLCT   $149.95
Constellation, TWA
Lockheed Model 10
KLE   $149.95
Amelia Earhart
Piper J3 Cub
KPJ3   $149.95
Ryan Spirit of St. Louis
KR   $149.95
Wright Flyer
KWF   $199.95
Gerry Anderson
KZSC   $229.00
Gerry Anderson
NKXL5   $119.00
Fireball XL5

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