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Our range of Foreign Military models...
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De Havilland Tigermoth
FBDH82   $189.95
Hawker Hurricane
FBH   $149.95
Hawker Sea Fury
FBHS   $149.95
Avro Lancaster
FBL   $159.95
DeHavilland Mosquito
FBM   $149.95
Panavia Tornado
FBPT   $169.95
Movable Wings
Spitfire Mk V
FBS5   $149.95
Douglas Bader
Spitfire Mk IX
FBS9   $149.95
Johnnie Johnson
Sopwith Camel
FBSC   $189.95
Hawker Typhoon
FBT   $149.95
Nieuport 17
FFN17   $189.95
German Albatross
FGA   $189.95
FW-190A Focke Wulf
FGF190AH   $149.95
Erich Hartmann
FW-190A Focke Wulf
FGF190AW   $149.95
Josef Wurmheller
FW-190D Focke Wulf
FGF190OD   $149.95
Fokker Triplane
FGF3   $199.95
Heinkel He-111
FGH111   $159.95
Ju-87 Stuka
FGJ87   $159.95
Junkers JU-88
FGJ88   $169.95
Me-110 Wolf
FGM110   $159.95
Me-163 Komet
FGM163   $139.95
Me-109E Messerschmitt
FGM1G   $149.95
Adolph Galland
Me-109G Messerschmitt
FGM1H   $149.95
Erich Hartmann
Me-262 Schwalbe
FGM262   $149.95
F-16 Falcon, Isreali
FIF16   $169.95
A6M5 Zero
FJZG   $149.95
A6M2 Zero
FJZSS   $149.95
Saboru Sakai
MIG-15 Fagot
FRM15   $159.95
MIG-21 Fishbed
FRM21   $159.95
MIG-29 Fulcrum
FRM29   $169.95
Su-27 Flanker
FRSU27   $169.95

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