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C-130 Hercules
AC130   $149.95
E-2C Hawkeye
AE2C   $159.95
P-3 Orion
AP03   $139.95
EP-3 Orion
AP03E   $139.95
China Spyplane
EA-6B Prowler
CA06PM   $169.95
EA-6B Prowler
CA06PN   $169.95
A-7 Corsair II
CA07N   $169.95
A-10 Thunderbolt
CA10   $169.95
AV-8B Harrier
CAH1   $169.95
B-1B Lancer
CB1   $169.95
Moveable Wings
B-2 Spirit
CB2   $139.95
Stealth Bomber
B-52 Stratofortress
CB52   $159.95
C-5 Galaxy
CC005   $139.95
C-17 Globemaster
CC017   $159.95
C-141 Starlifter
CC141   $139.95
E-3A Sentry, AWACS
CE3A   $159.95
F-4E Phantom
CF004AC   $169.95
Air Force
RF-4C Phantom
CF004AR   $169.95
Air Force
F-4G Phantom
CF004AWW   $169.95
Wild Weasel
F-4B Phantom
CF004M   $169.95
F-4J Phantom
CF004NDC   $169.95
Navy VF-96
F-4B Phantom
CF004NJR   $169.95
Navy VF-84
F-14 Tomcat
CF014   $199.95
VF-84 Jolly Rogers
F-14 Tomcat
CF014S   $199.95
VF-111 Sundowners"
F-14 Tomcat
CF014W   $199.95
VF-1 Wolf Pack
F-15C Eagle
CF015   $169.95
F-15E Strike Eagle
CF015E   $169.95

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